Questions & Answer Time

1) Question:
You say you’ve been a professional seamstress, what/where did you work, and what kind of experience do you have?

I started sewing at the age of 9, by taking sewing lessons at Singer. Then as a teenager I worked for Singer and for a Sewing Bank that made cloths for the needy.  As an adult, I did interior home décor for friends & neighbors on the side. After being laid off from a major co, after 16 yrs, I opened my own Sewing business, which is actually still in operation.

2) Question:
why are all your fabrics so bold, and why don’t you carry solids?

Sorry to say this, but I do not pick out my fabrics for the humans, I pick them out for the parrots. Parrots in general like bright colors, look at the toys on the market. To a parrot, a sleep tent is also its toy. So I pick out colors that I think parrots will like.

3) Question:
How long will my tent last?

on average, and this depends on the parrot, you could plan on an average of 6 months. Some may last longer, some less. For example: our Bubbles plays with his tent endlessly. As I mentioned in the answer to another question, Parrots do not discriminate that their tent is for sleeping only. If they like their tent, they may or may not play with it. If they do like Bubbles, then you know they really like it, and they are happy to have a toy/sleep tent. With Parrots, the more they like their toys, the sooner you will have to replace it.

4) Question:
why don’t you carry more colors in the fleece?

for the most part, economics. I try to coordinate the primary fleece colors that I carry, with all the different fabric and thus far it has worked.

5) Question:
what is in the bottom of the tent to make it stiff?

I use a commercial grade plastic that I actually purchase from the manufacturer in person.

6) Question:
what is the purpose of the grommets? Why not the loops I see in the stores?

when I first starting making the tents I replaced the fabric loops with plastic rings for safety purposes, and then started the grommet process for longevity & safety of the tent. The parrots were tearing out the fabric loops, and the area around the plastic rings I tried just didn’t have the longevity the grommets have.

7) Question:
what kind of fabric do you use, and how do you wash the tents?

I use primarily cotton, and some cotton/poly. The tents are machine washable gentle, COLD WATER,           GENTLE CYCLE, Reshape,  hang up to air dry.  I personally Vacum my tents weekly.

8) Question:
When I re ordered my tents, they look a little different than my first order. What's up with that?

I am constantly trying to find ways, to make these tents as safe as possible. That would include less
seams. What you may have noticed was lack of seams.

9) Question:
  Why do you recommend 2 tents ?

Since the tents are Machine wash cold water, hang to dry, that leaves one tent for the cage
and one for the wash.

10) Question: you mentioned in your email your "Day Job", do you not do this full time?

Answer: No I do not do these full time. I currently work in an Office by Day, and do the Tents and other sewing business projects before & after my day job. But no need to worry, your tents will go out in a timely manner. I look at this as working 2 jobs, and thus far, NO one has been disappointed.

11) Question:
  My bird was able to remove the grommets! I am very disappointed!

Answer: I am sorry that your so disappointed in my product.
There is NOT a product on the market, that is "Bird PROOF".
Yes if they so choose, they can remove the grommets. But the good news is... You will still have a useable tent. When/if a bird does that, for a couple of dollars you yourself, can purchase a small grommet package, and replace the grommets.

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